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Amco has one of the largest Chlorpyrifos manufacturing plant with the capacity of 900 MT Per Annum. Aimco had first set up a pilot plant with a capacity of 36 MT Per Annum, before setting up a full-scale 900 MT Per Annum plant. Thus the chlorpyrifos manufacturing process, which is very sensitive process, was perfected on the small scale and the main plant had started giving best quality product from the commissioning, with the enhanced yield. Moreover, the company has successfully incorporated modifications in the original process including development of new catalysts and addition of recovery systems, giving edge over competition. CPP is a Organophosphorous broad-spectrum insecticide with quick knockdown effect.

Manufacture of other Technical Grade Pesticides:

The company also manufactures Cypermethrin Technical which is a synthetic pyrethroid having excellent results on various pests and India is the largest supplier of Cypermethrin in the world. The company also manufacturers other TE$chnical Grade pesticides in the above plant i.e. Fenvalerate, Quinalphos, Endoulphan, Triclopyr, Ethin etc.

Formulation Business.

The company has set-up a fully automatic liquid formulation plant having capacity of 1.5 million litres per annum. The capacity utilization is dependent on the product mix adopted during the year. Dye to this forward integration the Company has an edge over other manufacturers by being able to supply a wide range of pesticide formulations to the farmers.

The company has successfully introduced a Chlorpyriphoso & Cypermethrin combination product in the domestic market (Anaconda 505TM). This is a combination product introduced for the first time in India. Chlorpyrifos 10% granules & 1.5% dust were introduced and have fared well with the farmers. Aimco is introducing many combination formulated products. The formulation facility is being strength to increase the capacities substaintially.

Fine chemicals

Due to the major R&D effort directed on chlorpyrifos, Pyridine chemistry has always been Aimco’s strength. The expertise has always been Aimco’s strength. This expertise has been successfully used to develop Pyridine based fine chemicals like Amino Pyridines, Pyrethions etc. These fine chemicals find usefulness in Pharmaceutical as well as agrochemical industry & are largely import substitute. In future this department is expected to largely contribute to the sales of the company.

Project exports & Technical consultancy.

Aimco is engaged in executing turnkey jobs for setting yup pesticide formulation units it has executed an order of Rs.7.5. million (US$0.21mn) in Bangkok, Thailand. It is currently finalizing an order of USD 20 million in Middle East for which an MOU and Tripartite Agreement has already been signed. The job is for technical know how, supply, erection and commissioning of Technical Grade pesticides plant and a pesticide formulation plant. The company is also negotiating with various firms, for setting up formulation plants, technological assistance in manufacture at synthetic pyrethroids & En-capsulated fertilizer plants.

R&D Department

Currently R&D is concentrated on Pyridine derivatives, Major capital investment is planned for this R&D . In future we expect to commercialise more products from this efforts. Company has also set up an R&D unit, which is approved by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, at the factory site. It employes chemists & engineers & has full fledge pilot plant to carry out research in the field of pesticides & pesticides intermediates manufacturing processes, incremental process R&D, trouble shooting of the existing processes & developing processes for the fine chemicalscompany spends 1% of its turn over on R&D.



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