Termichlor Termida-30 amcothrum Termichlor Termichlor Termichlor


Termida is a non-repellent, odourless, soil applied residual termiticide for the protection and control of subterranean termites in and around domestic and commercial structures as pre and post construction treatment.


Fewer call backs, resulting in satisfied homeowners. Termida is a product which creates nonrepellent treated zone in soil that function as killing field for termites.


Termida is a non-repellent and non-detected by subterranean termites. Long residual life when applied as a barrier treatment. Aqua based, odorless formulation hence applicator and end user friendly. It is more safer than conventional organophosphate.


For the protection of structures from subterranean termite damage and the control of subterranean termites around domestic and commercial structures as specified in BIS - code .

Mode of Action:

Termida unlike conventional termicides convert the treated zone as killing field and kills when termite enter the treated zone and exposed to lethal doses. Termites exposed to Termida become dysfunctional immediately and stop feeding.

in addition termite transfers termida by contact to nest mates who are not exposed to treated zone in the soil as a cascading effect. This causes reduction in termite population and queen killing at Royal Chamber.






Chemical treatment for termite control around existing buildings should be considered to be a part of an integrated approach to reduce the risk of termite attack and should be conducted by LICENSED PEST CONTROL OPERATORS and IPCA Members.


Termida spreads well and remain in soil for a long period as an effective termiticide since it is water soluble and having excellent lateral spread gives a well balanced distribution. Termida with time binds well with organic matter and due to this fact persist in soil for long time.


For both pre and post construction, it is recommended to use Termida @ 0.076% a.i ,concentration which is as follows.

1Ltr. Termida in 499 Ltrs. water to make 500 Ltrs. solution for use.


Residents and pets should not be allowed in a room being treated. Any spills should be cleaned up before leaving the room. Ensure all heating/ Air conditioning ducts, air vents, plumbing pipes, sewer lines, floor drains, heating pipes and electrical lines/conduits are known and identified before commencing any application of termiticide. Do not puncture or contaminate any of these. Avoid application around edible plants.

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